doss · 2021年11月14日 0

Build a distributed object storage system from zero

What is a distributed object storage system?

Distributed Object Storage System (DOSS),which is based on a distributed architecture design that holds all object data.

Over time, we will update the design articles of the relevant distributed object systems one after another.

By learning these articles, you can learn how to design the following features:

  • ✔: Provides object upload and download function, currently supports HTTP protocol access
  • ✔: Objects have multiple versions, de-association management
  • ✔: Objects have redundant shard storage
  • ✔: Has automatic repair of background data
  • ✔: The system has an automatic rebalancing data distribution
  • ✔: Client has failover automatically (metadata service metadata failure)
  • ✔: Full metadata synchronization is supported
  • The distributed object storage system code base is located in: distributedobjStorage: – use the go language to implement distributed object storage (