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Read the metacosm in one article

(1) What is the metacosm?

What is the universe. The universe grows like this.

How great the vast universe is! People don't even count dust. Just as we are in this world, it is also extremely small. If we have the ability to see and touch everything around us, we can virtualize it with numbers and copy everything in the world into the online world. Then we stroll ourselves through the digital world, and we experience it like we're in the real world, and that's wonderful! Yes, the metacosm is what it does. Like our real world, it is a virtual world that can be equivalent to our real world. Recommend a movie, called the number one player, there is a metacosm, or meta-world.

(2) How do you understand virtual and reality?

Just now we talked about the real world, the virtual world, how to understand it. Humans perceive the world through sight and touch. We touch our real world through our eyes and through our hands. We have eyes that ingest what we see into our eyes, which act like a mirror, copy what we see, and then transmit it to the brain through a series of chemical reactions, such as proteins. Then we build this "see picture" for our brain. Did you say the eyes would deceive us? If you answer yes, you're right, the eyes won't fool our brains. But what your eyes see may not be what you "see". This thing can be disguised. If what our eyes see is a virtual world presented to us, it is also true. Real is the same as the real world. Then our eyes transmit "real" things to the brain.

It may be a bit winding up, but as long as you understand, what you see may not be true. I understand.


(3) How to realize the metacosm?

Need a bunch of hardware support, these things include, AR, VR, subject matter, etc. There is also the crucial 5G.

(3) Why are so many things on fire again?

Metacosm in fact this thing has been proposed for many years, why it suddenly caught fire again, because the original proposed hardware can not reach. The actual conditions are not met. Now that we have a very low time delay of 5G, low latency gives us a near real-time experience, the next 5-10 years, around 5G to create a series of products, may have great prospects for development. You can think of, before what can not reach now can reach? Can develop well.

The application scenario of the metacosm.

1. Military use. Simulate the real world and let soldiers wait in this metaspace to do what they want to do. For example: Unification Island. We can simulate the real world of Baodao and let the soldiers practice better offensive routes.

2. Consumer use. Imagine a scenario where you want to buy clothes, just immerse yourself in this virtual world at home, try on all kinds of clothes, and never go out shopping for a long time to buy your favorite clothes. Isn't it beautiful?

3. Other uses. It's so much that netizens can make good use of your imagination.



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